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Wall Cabinet Made With Vintage Fruit Crate And Pallet Wood - Arte Povera - 1

Arte Povera

Wall Cabinet Made With Vintage Fruit Crate And Pallet Wood

Size: 77cm x 46cm x 19cm approx.

Original wall cabinet made with vintage fruit crate and pallet wood.

I made this wall cabinet using a big vintage fruit crate and some wood from a reclaimed pallet.

First of all I used some strips from another crate to cover the spaces at the back of the crate.

I then completed the sides with pallet wood, Which I also used to make the shelves in the inside and the door.

The door closing mechanism is hand-made using an off cut from some Victorian floorboard resembling an old Tudor door hatch.

I then sanded the cabinet down extensively and used some walnut stain for the pallet wood to darken it and gave it all a few coats of bees wax.

The fruit crate still has the original writing on the side saying: "WJ Bennet & Son".

In the inside there are 3 shelves and the top of the cabinet can also be used as a shelf.

The cabinet includes 2 hooks for hanging.

I think this wall cabinet is a good size for storage and can be used anywhere giving any room a touch of quirky rustic.


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