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Serving Tray With Rope Handles - Arte Povera - 1

Arte Povera

Serving Tray With Rope Handles

Wooden serving tray with rope handles made with reclaimed timber.

Size: 45cm x 22cm approx.
Weigh: 1.5kg

Unique serving tray made with reclaimed timber.

I made this tray using reclaimed timber. After having cut it to size I sanded down extensively to give it a nice smooth finish.

I then gave it a coat of bees wax to protect it.

I also added 2 rope handles to make it more interesting and to make it easier to carry.

The timber shows slight signs of wear and tear. Yet this is to be expected since the timber reclaimed.

The tray can be easily cleaned with a wet sponge and soap and occasionally it would benefit from being treated with any cooking oil especially if used for food.

I love this table tray because it can be used in many different ways. It can be a table centre piece on which to put vases and/or candles and it can also be used as a proper tray for food and drinks.


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