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Rustic Vintage Turkey Figs Trunk Coffee Table - Arte Povera - 1

Arte Povera

Rustic Vintage Turkey Figs Trunk Coffee Table

Size: 75cm x 46cm x 27cm approx.
Weight: 12Kgs.

Restored turkey figs vintage trunk coffee table.

When I found this trunk in a flea market it needed a good clean and a bit of restoration.

I sanded it down extensively and gave it 2 coats of bees wax to protect it.

I then painted the inside a vintage sage colour and added 2 ropes to keep the lid open.

This is a very rare find. The trunk still retains its original rusted hinges and the carved labels at the front and the sides.

The carved label at the front says: "CAMEL BRAND, SMYRNA FIGS, PRODUCE OF TURKEY".

The carved labels on both sides say: "216 BOXES OF MINIMUM WEIGHT, CROWNS, TARE".

I think this trunk would be perfect as a coffee table/chest adding a little bit of quirkiness to any room.


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