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Rustic Floor Cabinet Made With Vintage Crate And Pallet Wood - Upcycled

Arte Povera

Rustic Floor Cabinet Made With Vintage Crate And Pallet Wood - Upcycled

Rustic floor cabinet upcycled from vintage wooden crate with pallet wood door and knob made with ancient Roman iron nail.

Size: W33cm x D35cm x H68cm approx.
Weight: 7Kgs.

I made this floor cabinet using a wooden vintage Danish crate and reclaimed pallet wood.

I first sanded the crate down to give it a smooth finish and, after I dismantled a pallet, I cut the timber to size, sanded it down and made the door frame and the door.

I put the door and the frame together with glue and screws, which I then covered with wooden nails.

I then gave the door 1 coat of walnut stain to much the colour of the crate as much as possible and gave the all cabinet 2 coats of bees wax to protect it.

The crate already had the 2 shelves inside, which needed a bit of repair but perfectly suited the design.

To complete the rustic look I used 2 rusted arrow hinges and I made a wooden catch to keep the door closed.

I also used an ancient Roman iron nail, which functions as the door knob. I found this nail in Rome (my hometown) during a walk in Ostia Antica (the ancient Roman port). It was still covered in the original Roman plaster, which I mostly cleaned, leaving a few traces here and there to avoid damaging the nail.

The cabinet shows plenty of signs of wear and tear and the occasional nail from the original pallet on the door but I think this only adds to its character.



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