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Rustic Computer Desk From Vintage Trunk - Arte Povera - 1

Arte Povera

Rustic Computer Desk From Vintage Trunk

Size: 80cm x 46cm x 74cm approx.
Weight: 8Kgs.

Rustic computer desk made with vintage trunk and reclaimed pallet wood.

I made this desk using the top of a reclaimed trunk, which was beyond repair and pallet wood.

I sanded down extensively both the top of the trunk and the pallet wood. I then assembled the computer desk and gave it a coat of walnut stain and several coats of bees wax to protect it.

I think that the beauty of this desk is certainly the top from the vintage trunk.

Together with showing lots of wear and tear the top still retains part of the original metal hinges and closing mechanism.

At first I wanted to get rid of them but I then realized that I would damage the top and also that the desk would have much more character if I left them in place.

Also I painted the underside a vintage green colour to give it a fresher look.

I think this desk is very original and unique and because of its size would work perfectly as a computer desk or small table.

Of course the desk is very old therefore it has various signs of wear and tear including some pen scratches and 2 holes (2 small ones at the top and 1 bigger and 2 small ones at the front), which I think took a long time and many boring lessons for the child to make.


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