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Pre-War School Desk Computer Desk - Arte Povera - 1

Arte Povera

Pre-War School Desk Computer Desk

Size: 57cm x 47cm x 77cm approx.

Beautifully restored pre-war school desk computer desk.

This beautiful and rare pre-war school desk was in need of a lot of tlc when I found it.

Luckily it wasn't too badly marked but it needed cleaning and sanding down.

After sanding it I gave it several coats of bees wax to protect it and painted the inside a vintage sage colour to give it more character and a clean look.

I think this desk is extremely versatile and it would be perfect as a computer desk. And because of its unusual height it can be used by adults sitting on a normal height chair.

The desk still has the hole for the inkwell (which with the right pot could be used as a pen holder) and the groove for the fountain pens, both painted black. The paint is a bit scratched but after I cleaned it I decided to leave as it is to keep its character.

Also the inside of the desk is very interesting because it has 2 shelves at 2 different levels allowing plenty of storage space.

Of course the desk is very old therefore it has various signs of wear and tear including some pen scratches and 2 holes (2 small ones at the top and 1 bigger and 2 small ones at the front), which I think took a long time and many boring lessons for the child to make.


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