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Picture Frame Rustic From Reclaimed Wood - Arte Povera - 1

Arte Povera

Picture Frame Rustic From Reclaimed Wood

Size: 19cm x 18cm x 7cm approx.
Weight: 700gms each.

Original rustic picture frame made from reclaimed wood.

I made these picture frames using off cuts from reclaimed wood.

I sanded them down extensively and gave them one coat of walnut stain to give it a bit of colour and then gave them several coats of bees wax to protect them.

The 2 pieces of wood that form the frame are put together with 3 screws and glue.

The little clip, which holds the picture is fixed to the wood with a black screw.

Because I used reclaimed timber there are sign of wear and tear. At the back of the base some nails are also visible as well as signs of nails at the front of the base but I think this only adds to their character.

I think they are an original way to show your most treasured pics.


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