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Handmade Vintage Design Journal - Vintage French Labels Cover

Arte Povera

Handmade Vintage Design Journal - Vintage French Labels Cover


Handmade Vintage Journal, Small Book, Scrapbook, Trash Book, Diary.


Size: W12cm x H16cm.

Pages: 18

Sides: 38


I made this vintage journal using the envelopes and cards method. The journal is all firmly glued together and because of this method the pages are quite thick. This allows you to glue photos, graphics or anything else without it affecting the next page.

I created a collection of vintage French labels to create the cover, which I printed on thick brown craft paper and glued on the booklet.

I then aged every single page and part of the cover to give it the final vintage look and added 2 string cords on both sides of the cover of natural brown jute hessian to complete the rustic appearance.

I allowed extra cord to take into account the increased volume when filled.

I think this little journal would be perfect as a present or as an original small capsule of our most treasured mementos.


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