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Computer Desk Vintage School Desk Restored

Arte Povera

Computer Desk Vintage School Desk Restored

Computer desk upcycled from vintage school desk.

Size: W62cm x D51cm x H80cm approx.

Weight: 13Kgs

I found this old school desk in a market in need of a lot of tlc and a good clean.

The desk was originally varnished but the varnish was pealing off. I therefore first sanded it extensively to get rid of the pealing varnish and then gave it 2 cots of bees wax to protect it and bring it back to its original colour.

The desk was slightly too short for adult use so I decided to raise it using four legs off cuts from a vintage Victorian desk I previously turn into a coffee table.

I then painted the inside of the desk with a vintage Willow colour to give it a fresher and cleaner look. Despite 3 coats of paint some of the original ink stains still show slightly but I think that is part of its history and adds to its character.

The desk shows plenty of signs of wear and tear, which is to be expected from such an old desk. It also still has its original metal opening mechanism, a groove to accommodate a pen and the hole for the ink bottle, which could be used to store pens and pencils. The inside of the desk has plenty of space providing large storage space.

The desk also has 2 small brackets in the inside, which can be lifted to make the sloping top flat.

I think that because of its size this desk would be ideal in any room where space is limited and if available it would fit perfectly in an alcove.


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