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Coat Hanger With Antique Roman Nails On Victorian Timber - Arte Povera - 1

Arte Povera

Coat Hanger With Antique Roman Nails On Victorian Timber


Coat hanger made with antique Roman Nails on Victorian floorboard.

Size: 74cm x 18cm x 16cm approx.
Weight: 4Kgs

This is definitely a one off piece having used antique Roman nails for the coat hooks.

My uncle from Rome found these beautiful Roman nails while excavating in Rome.

No doubt the nails are from ancient Rome. When he gave me the nails they were extremely dirty and covered in some sort of plaster.

I cleaned them extensively and then polished them with bees wax. I also have to cut them to size because they were very long.

I mounted them on a beautiful piece of reclaimed Victorian floorboard, which I sanded and polished with bees wax.

The brackets and the top shelf are handmade from a piece of reclaimed timber.

I really think this is a unique and a one off piece because I doubt I will ever have Roman nails again.

Of course the hanger shows signs of wear and tear and also the nails are all of slightly different sizes but I think this only adds to its character and originality.

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