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About me


My search is ongoing, seeking out vintage and antique pieces of wood furniture and home decor from whatever era or style. Pieces that have been used and forgotten and that once restored reveal that something special and unique about them.

This search constantly takes me to the most interesting places, piled with a lot of dusty, rusted, broken pieces, which stimulate my imagination and spark my curiosity.

Places like flea markets, hidden shops and sometimes even skips.

I also love to re-use the material or simply give the piece a completely new meaning as well as making furniture from scratch using reclaimed material and pallet wood. There is no limit to imagination and design...and I love the challenge!

I come across a lot of very interesting pieces, full of history. Often I find myself having to research an item to better understand the exact use and purpose it had at the time.For example I found a Victorian oak bakers kneading tray in a market a while ago. It was a beautiful large piece, carved from a single piece of timber and perfectly preserved despite its age. Items like that don't come around very often.

I am inspired by anything that has a story. Tired old pieces, which are screaming for a new life, a new purpose. I like the challenge and I am very inquisitive, so anything that stimulates my curiosity, that being a piece of furniture or an old piece of floorboard, tickles me and sparks my imagination. I love going to old houses, barns, learn about life as it was; understanding the importance of objects, furniture, their functionality. I am attracted by simplicity and essentiality, which I strive to achieve when I restore or make a piece.

More than an artist or a craftsman I consider myself an artisan, which I think is a little bit of both. You need the craftsmanship to create an original piece, which makes you an artist. An artisan to me is exactly that. Somebody who has the necessary technical knowledge of craftsmanship as well as the impulsive approach of an artist.